Redwood Hollow - La Jolla - Cottages
256 Prospect Street
La Jolla, California, 92037, USA
(858) 459-8747


jolla1 La Jolla Haven Cottage LHBath La Jolla Haven 2 BR cottage La Jolla Haven kitchen table La Jolla Haven master bedroom La Jolla Haven guest bedroom La Jolla Haven dining table La Jolla Haven reading chairs La Jolla Haven living room P1000517 P1000519 P1000518 P1000520 P1000512 P1000511 P1000515 P1000516 P1000513 P1000508 P1000507 P1000502 P1000501 P1000504 P1000506 P1000505

La Jolla Haven- Two Bedrooms

Redwood Lined, 2-bedroom, 1-bath cottage, king bed, queen bed, 7 foot leather sofa, eat-in kitchen, one bathroom with tub and shower. Living room with dining area. Eat-in Kitchen, fireplace, and Patio

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Hidden Haven Patio Hidden Haven Master Bedroom Hidden Haven Living Room Hidden Haven Guest Bedroom P1000475 P1000473 P1000474 P1000469 P1000468 P1000471 P1000470 P1000466 P1000465 P1000463 P1000461 P1000464 P1000459 P1000456 P1000455 P1000457 P1000454 P1000453

Hidden Haven- Two Bedrooms

2-bedroom, 2-bath cottage with den, king bed, queen bed, day bed, full kitchen, two bathrooms with stall showers. Dining area with table for 6. Enclosed private large patio.

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P1000293 P1000286 P1000287 P1000290 P1000285 P1000283 P1000284 P1000281 P1000282 P1000279 P1000306 P1000307 P1000304 P1000298 P1000299 P1000291 P1000297

Hemmingway- Two Bedrooms

2-bedroom, 1-bath cottage, king bed, queen bed, 7 foot contemporary sofa, leather chaise, large kitchen with granite counter tops, one bathroom with tub and shower. Living room with dining area, fireplace and mantle, back patio and front porch.

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ocean2 ocean1 Ocean Ridge master bedroom Ocean Ridge reading chairs Ocean Ridge leather sofa Ocean Ridge Living Room Ocean Ridge master bedroom Ocean Ridge wash room Ocean Ridge Guest Bedroom Ocean Ridge patio entrance P1000408 P1000403 P1000405 P1000401 P1000400 P1000399 P1000396 P1000398 P1000397 P1000395 P1000394 P1000392 P1000393 P1000389 P1000390 P1000391 P1000413 P1000411 P1000414 P1000415 P1000412 P1000416 P1000420 P1000419 P1000418 P1000417 P1000421 P1000422 P1000423 P1000424 P1000425

Ocean Ridge- Two Bedrooms

2-bedroom, 2-bath cottage, king bed, queen bed, L-shaped sofa, dining room table for 6, kitchen, two bathrooms, front porch, enclosed yard with grill and lounge chair.

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bright1 CIMG1840 P1000384 P1000383 P1000379 P1000380 P1000382 P1000381 P1000378 P1000377 P1000372 P1000376 P1000373 P1000375 P1000374 P1000370 P1000366 P1000369 P1000371 P1000368 P1000367

Sea Bright - One Bedroom

1-Bedroom, 1-Bath redwood lined cottage, queen bed, large leather sofa, kitchen, fireplace, hardwood floors, one bathroom with stall shower. Front porch, additional rear entrance.

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Wisteria wisteria1 CIMG1838 CIMG1836 Wisteria Wisteria Cottage Wisteria 1 BR cottage P1000346 P1000343 P1000345 P1000342 P1000340 P1000341 P1000339 P1000336 P1000338 P1000337 P1000335 P1000334 P1000333 P1000331 P1000347 P1000332

Wisteria - One Bedroom

Redwood Lined, 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath cottage, queen bed, queen sleeper sofa, full kitchen, one bathroom with stall shower. Hardwood floors, fireplace, open beam vaulted ceiling. Front and rear porch.

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SG5 sea6 Sea Gate Kitchen P1000497 P1000500 P1000498 P1000496 P1000494 P1000495 P1000492 P1000491 P1000493 P1000489 P1000487 P1000485 P1000486 P1000484 P1000482 P1000480 P1000479 P1000476 P1000478 P1000477

Sea Gate - Studio

Redwood Lined Studio, vaulted ceiling, dutch doors, queen bed, love-seat sofa, kitchen, 2 person cafe style table, fireplace, one bathroom with stall shower, and front patio.

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Beach Haven Interior Beach Haven summer day house Beach Haven wash room Beach Haven studio Beach Haven studio cottage Beach Haven patio P1000421 P1000417 P1000418 P1000419 P1000420 P1000416 P1000412 P1000415 P1000414 P1000411 P1000413 P1000410 P1000425 P1000424 P1000423 P1000422

Beach Haven - Studio+Cabin

Studio with king bed, bathroom with stall shower, kitchenette, 2-person café table, summer house with day-bed, large private patio and fire pit.

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WSSitting WSLiving WSBath2 WSCentered WSNewKitchen WSDining Whispering Sands studio cottage P1000448 P1000442 P1000447 P1000443 P1000441 P1000444 P1000439 P1000437 P1000434 P1000438 P1000436 P1000433 P1000435 P1000431

Whispering Sands - Studio

Studio with Queen bed and sofa sleeper for 1 person, full kitchen with table for 4, private garden patio, additional rear entrance, large bathroom with stall shower and vanity.

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